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Im so fucked up over ATLA right now


Jet survives

Grows older-ish with Zuko

Gets a really shitty hairstyle

Then basically hangs around the palace and causes mayhem 



The Great Scanner Haul 2k14, ATLA side characters version!

Ratio of Toph to any other character is like 123092:1

Modern AU Toph would be a fitness/dance instructor who is forever jamming to some choice tunes she could krump the hell out of anyone

avatar: the last airbender - one gifset per episode

1x10: jet


I think… I’m done. Who wants to buy him?


30 Day A:TLA Challenge → Day 16: Favorite Character That No One Else Likes

∟ Jet

You’re an outcast like me. And us outcasts, we have to stick together. We have to watch each other’s backs, because no one else will.


♪ I can show you the world… 


anonymous asked for jet in palette #3

[x] this looks kinda like night time so let’s just say it is!!

A:TLA / TLOK Character Silhouette → Jet 
Requested by askfreedomfighterjet

A:TLA / TLOK Character Silhouette → Jet 

Requested by askfreedomfighterjet


Creepy stalker Jet is having a conversation with his bf Zuko on snapchat

Ok so this is a modern au but Jet was somehow still able to make the “hot stuff” joke (you know because fire is hot)